About Me ๐Ÿ’š

Fashion Geek Caroline Medina


Who is behind the blog?

Hi there, I am Caroline your Fashion Geek blogger. A Venezuelan MBA Engineer & Beauty Queen (๐Ÿ–คLatina) whose passion are fashion & sustainability. I enjoy reading and adore having a healthy lifestyle. Write helps me visualize my thoughts. Therefore, I created this blog to share my worldwide view about the future of fashion and sustainable fashion during my free time with Fashion Geek readers like you. Who are positive, bring solutions and challenges to help boost the green planet pulse.

Each post I write, the lesser ego I have. Ego = 1/knowledge

โ€œAlbert Einsteinโ€

What is Fashion Geek about?

In this blog, you will find my personal view of sustainability and the future of fashion. I interpret and explore fashion facts and associate them with my own life experiences. To highlight the relevance of how the future of fashion will look in the next couple of years in which sustainability and technology are connected hand by hand. This blog intends to inspire you to be part of the sustainable fashion challenge we are caught in and be part of the future change with me.

You are right!

I am not perfect at all and, we are all far from being perfect, but nature inspires perfection to me. 2020-2021 the year where the COVID-19 pandemic hit, everything was closed except natural spaces, which made me recognise more than ever before that the voice of nature matters, and without it, we are nothing more than an egocentric piece of dust.